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As Alien Road, we provide SEO services to corporate companies. We rank companies’ websites that aim to promote simpler products or services on the internet in relevant searches. We also protect the brand reputation of companies with our corporate SEO service and carry out SEO work to ensure that their websites appear first in all brand-related searches.
Content Update
We revise the content of corporate websites according to grammar rules, and while making these edits, we make sure that the content is SEO compatible.
Conversion Rate
In our corporate SEO work, we aim to have high conversion rates and to ensure that people who visit the website contact the company.
Real Time Data
We periodically extract real-time analytical data and report it in detail to help company officials get to know their potential customers.
Online Management
In today’s world, which is becoming more and more digital every day, we enable companies to enter the online world more, and we provide online management for this.
Social Network Regulation
Within the scope of corporate SEO service, we organize the company’s social networks and remove the obstacles that prevent the customer portfolio from visiting these networks.
Marketing Tactics
In addition to our SEO work, we conduct market and competitor analyzes for companies, and in the light of these results, we provide marketing tactics for selling products and services.
Reaching Quick Results
We get really fast results with our corporate SEO service. In this way, we make companies feel the usefulness of SEO and other processes in a short time.
Content Strategy
By undertaking SEO work for companies, we not only ensure that the website ranks higher in relevant searches, but also create the company’s display content strategy.
If you want to have SEO work done and receive service from us, we perform SEO analysis of your website without charging you any fee in advance. See the professionalism of our team and then decide!
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As Google Partner SEO agency, we optimize websites according to all Google’s requests and instructions and make them friendly to Google algorithms.
We analyze websites with Ahrefs, the most used paid professional SEO tool in the world, and get the best SEO results in line with these analyses.
Moz is one of the paid SEO tools most used by SEO experts around the world. We also make optimizations using this tool to get 100% results.
We register websites to Alexa, the well-known site ranking tool, for a fee, and as a result of our work, we increase the rankings in Alexa.
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