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We both plan and manage all digital marketing processes to promote a company or brand and increase its sales. We provide services in many areas, from AdWords ads to YouTube ads, from Gmail ads to e-commerce ads.
The most important thing for us is to determine the strategy correctly in all the campaigns we run. For this purpose, we try to get to know the company and the brand correctly. Then, we accurately determine the target audience of the product, service or brand to be advertised and determine the advertising channels that will best reach this target audience. Advertising texts and images are prepared meticulously and professionally, and with customer approval, we are now at the stage of activating our digital marketing campaign.
Digital Marketing Reporting
After we publish digital marketing ads, we make ad reporting at the desired periods in line with our agreement with our customers. Our reports are prepared professionally and real data is used. For this, Google Analytics, AdWords reporting tools, Business Manager reports and other professional digital marketing report programs are used.
Best Digital Marketing Channels
So, what are our digital marketing channels?
AdWords Ads
Yandex Direct Ads
YouTube Ads
Gmail Ads
Google Ads
Internet Ads
E-commerce Ads
Conversion Rate Optimization