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Facebook, which has now become an important channel for customer relationship management, also offers brands easy access to existing and potential customers. For this reason, by publishing Facebook ads, it is possible to reach many potential customers that we cannot contact in normal life and with classical advertising methods. You can sell your product or service or promote your brand in the best way with Facebook ads.
Facebook accounts of brands are considered as customer data platforms and are one of the platforms where potential customers can be reached in the most accurate way.
Although new social media platforms are created every day and some of them continue their trend rapidly, the first channel that comes to mind when it comes to social media in our country and in the world is of course Facebook.
It is now an accepted fact by everyone that it is measurable for sales and brand awareness compared to classical media and that social media advertisements have the advantage of reaching large audiences with more affordable budgets. Although Facebook provides everyone with the opportunity to create their own ads, this situation is sometimes considered complicated for the average user, and sometimes the advertising budget is misused due to small mistakes.
If we talk about the points you should pay attention to when creating Facebook advertising models suitable for your business, target audience and content, and the advantages of the professional consultancy services you will receive, we need to examine the advertising models in general.
What is the Importance of Location and Demographic Information in Facebook Ad Targeting?
As with all the other Facebook advertising models we will explain from now on, we choose the region we want to address in this advertising model. If we are a cafe with a single branch in this region, we can choose the city we are located in, the whole of Turkey if we are an online commerce site, or the Middle East or Europe if we are an international company. In terms of demographic information, Facebook offers us thousands of suitable options. We can show our ads only to people who are interested in cosmetics, and we can reach people whose families only include parents with children.
Which advertising models are used for Facebook ads?
All the advertising models we use for Facebook ads are as follows:
Post boost
Conversion-oriented ads
Advertisements that increase brand awareness
Ads that reach people near the business
Website click ads
App engagement boost ads
Mobile app install ads
Promoting a page
Ads that get people to visit your stores
Lead collection
Ads with offers
Get video views
Promote a product catalog
Event promotion and engagement ads
As Alien Road, we use one or more advertising models at the same time, depending on the purpose, in the Facebook advertising campaigns we organize.
Are You Aiming for Brand Awareness on Facebook?
First of all, if you want to promote your brand and the content you create on your Facebook page not only to your followers but also to wider audiences with reasonable budgets, we can say that one of the advertising models suitable for you is Facebook access advertising models. One of the most important points when advertising an access model is to present users with the right content. The content we create for the Facebook ad must be both eye-catching, both textually and visually, and fully express its purpose.
Do You Want to Interact with Users on Facebook?
The biggest effect of interaction-oriented advertising models is that they expose our posts to Facebook users for liking, sharing and commenting. You can expand your audience by gaining new followers for your page by using interactive Facebook advertising models. You can also reach tens of thousands of users to comment on your campaign and contest ideas. Another advantage of interaction ads is that they enable you to generate traffic to your website. Carousel content models, which have been used very popularly recently and can use more than one product image, are very suitable advertising models to attract visitors to your website.
Do You Know About Facebook Conversion and Pixel Advertising Models?
An advertising model with which you can generate traffic for your website and online sales store and directly contribute to your sales is through conversion ads. Thanks to Facebook pixel ads, a method that Facebook has recently introduced to us, you can find the opportunity to appear in front of users you have previously attracted. By adding a pixel code that is integrated into Facebook to your website, users who visit you will appear again on Facebook, thus strengthening your brand awareness and increasing your visibility.
You can play an active role in horse purchasing decisions.
Finally, while reaching new audiences with Facebook ads, do not forget to keep your Facebook page updated with original and regular content sharing. You should make it a constant thing to attract the attention of the audience you have created to your milk. If you think that you do not have enough time and equipment for all of these, you can benefit from the consultancy service we offer for you as Alien Road in your Facebook ad management and organic content management strategies.