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SEO is a very important concept for websites. SEO, which is a name given to all the work done to get hits to the website organically, is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the word Search Engine Optimization. SEO, which means search engine optimization, helps determine and improve the compatibility of websites with search engines such as Google and Yandex. In other words, the more SEO compatible your websites are, the more efficient they will be from search engines.
We find current and modern theme examples according to need and present them to companies.
Creative Design
Starting from the sample theme, we start using our creativity.
Design Development
We finalize the web design and get approval from the company again.
Software and Final
We also take the site live by doing web software programming.
Benefits of SEO Compatible Web Design
There are multiple criteria for a website to be SEO compatible. While these criteria can be applied to Google, the most used search engine in the world, they can also be applied separately to 2nd Class search engines such as Bing and Yandex. But in essence, search engines generally have constant expectations from a website.
In order for a general website to be SEO compatible;
Careful design
Satisfactory home page opening speed
Fast transition between pages
Providing useful content to visitors
Includes texts that fully express the website
Placement and dimensions of visual media elements
Cleanliness and rates of internal and external links
Coding rates
There are many such criteria. Apart from these main criteria, issues such as whether it complies with Web 2.0 standards, the adequacy and absence of a mobile version, Metadata, CSS and Java codes, file sizes and format tags are also very important.
Fundamentals of an SEO Compatible Website
The factor that forms the basis of compliance in an SEO Compatible website is user experience.
Convenience of users visiting your site
Being able to find what you’re looking for
Ability to navigate quickly
All script or theme functions are working
Whether the visitor benefits or not
Does not visually bore the user
Stable operation
Factors such as these form the basis of SEO compliance. The technical terms mentioned above are also complementary to this issue. Therefore, the better a website, the more SEO compatibility it brings.
If visitors can navigate your website without any problems and can solve everything as smoothly as possible, your website is successful in terms of SEO compatibility.
Advantages of SEO Compatible Website
If your website’s SEO compliance is at a reasonable level, the more positive the search engines will view your website. This means that your website appears at the top of visitors’ searches with relevant keywords from search engines.
In this way, visitors choosing, clicking and navigating your site will make you profitable for both customers and visitors.
Being aware of all these, as Alien Road, we offer you SEO compatible web design service, knowing the current criteria and expectations of search engines.
We especially follow world trends in websites, apply the latest updates to your websites, and create designs that search engines will love. Thousands of websites we have created in line with your demands are today serving their visitors in the best positions.
The SEO compatible web design service you will receive from Alien Road is the most reasonable in terms of reaching your goals and objectives easily. We are proud to offer you the best web design service.