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As we all know, HTML and CSS are indispensable for software training. With the Internet entering our lives, a concept called website emerged. This concept has changed and developed over time and become a platform where we can gain a place on the internet. Websites have made it possible for people or institutions to be found and even communicated with on the Internet. As of today, there are almost no institutions or companies that do not have a website. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that everyone even has a personal blog site. So, if we start with the subject, what are HTML and CSS that we frequently encounter on these websites?
What is HTML?
What is HTML5?
HTMI is a rich text markup language, which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. However, HTML is not generally viewed as a language. HTML, actually defined as a collection of tags, is a scripting language used to create websites. Its extension is defined as .html or .htm. Since the HTML language consists of a tag structure, it is usually determined between <> signs. The point to consider here is how to close the label. For example, this tag opened as <html> does not close again as <html>. </html> signs should be used instead. Although there are exceptions, tags are generally closed this way.
Since HTML is not a programming language, there is no need for compilation. You can also write lines of HTML code into a standard text document. Afterwards, when you save the document as .html, you can open that document in your browser and easily see what you have done. So why is HTML used?
Why Use HTML?
You can think of HTML as the skeleton of a website. Since a website without a skeleton is unthinkable, we can see how important HTML actually is. If a website or any part of a website is to be written, its skeleton is first created. Afterwards, this skeleton is dressed in certain clothes and parts. Let’s share a simple HTML code example with you.
Simple HTML code example
<title>I am the title text that appears in the browser tab :)</title>

<h1>This is a Title</h1>
<p>This is my first paragraph. Hello HTML. Hello World</p>

As you can see, HTML tags are opened and closed in a certain order. The string data in between is reflected in the browser as simple content. HTML is a system in which these tags are usually arranged and connected with other programming languages to make them much deeper. We can color and shape HTML codes with CSS. So let’s quickly take a look at what CSS is and how it works.
What is CSS?
What is CSS? Most Used CSS Codes
CSS is a page formatting system that stands for Cascading Style Sheets. In its most basic form, CSS allows our HTML tags to be much more visually detailed. The CSS codes we use to format our labels manage situations such as color, font, background color, width, height, position status, grid layout or various animations. There are some selectors that CSS has. These are divided into two: id and class. We place these selectors in our HTML tags and format these tags with CSS codes. For example, we can format our <div class=”container”>Hello</div> tag with the .container{} CSS selector.
Briefly, we can explain it to you as follows:
HTMI code:
<h1 class=”selici”>Hello World</h1>

We defined a selector for the <h1> tag. (class=”selici”)

CSS code:

.selici {
font-size: 20px;
We selected our HTML tag with .selici. This means “I want to edit this tag” to CSS. Afterwards, we set the text size with font-size, the text color with color, the horizontal size of the label with width, and the height of the label with height. So why and where do we use CSS?
Why Do We Use CSS?
We mostly use CSS to visually improve the skeletal structures we create with HTML. By determining the color, size, angle or position of the labels, we create eye-pleasing forms. We also make these tags interactive with other programming languages. So which programming languages are used for these?

What is JavaScript? Most Used JavaScript Codes
Javascript is one of the programming languages frequently used by front-end developers. This programming language, which is used to make HTML and CSS codes interactive with the customer, offers you any situation you want to achieve on a website. If you want to be a front-end developer in the future, you can learn HTMI CSS, Javascript and later Javascript frameworks.
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