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PHP programming language is defined as a subset of programming languages such as JavaScript and Python. The biggest difference between them is that PHP is generally used for server-side communication. While Java Script is used for both frontend and backend, Python is used only for the backend. So what are the details of PHP?

A programming language is a way of telling a computer what the programmer wants it to do, used to express an algorithm. There are many different programming languages. In our daily lives, we see languages written in many languages. For example, you are reading an article about the PHP programming language on a page using HTML and CSS.
To give another example, a type of script is used to make sure that all fields are filled in before a form goes to the server. In this way, it is observed whether the user has filled out the form correctly. If one of the fields is empty, the user is notified and requests to refill. Another common use of programming languages is to display animations such as list and rollover buttons when the cursor hovers over the main menu. In fact, everything you see on a computer is created using many different programming languages.
Programming languages can run on the client side, or frontend, or on the server side, or backend. It is processed by scripts and web browsers on the client side. If your browser requests a page containing client-side scripts, the server responds by sending source code that is executable for the browser. However, these scripts are subject to a parsing process on the server side. Therefore, while server-side programming allows web masters to hide their source code, client-side scripts can be easily viewed by client users.
So Where Exactly Does PHP Work?

We said that PHP is a programming language created for server-side communications. Therefore, collecting form data, managing files on the server, organizing databases, etc. It analyzes various server-side functions such as
In fact, this programming language was created by Rasmus Lerdorf to track visitors to his personal home page. Rasmus Lerdorf released PHP as an open source project after its popularity increased. This decision encouraged developers to use the programming language, edit and improve the code. Thus, it turned into the programming language we have been using since then.
Although the programming language in question is considered an all-purpose programming language, it is widely used for web development. The biggest reason for this is that it can be placed between HTML files. If you don’t want people to see your source code, you need to use this programming language. So much so that if you write the code in a PHP file and place it in an HTML file, users will not be able to see your codes. Another benefit of this feature is that you can write the code in the PHP file instead of writing it when you need to use the same HTML markup frequently. If we want to give an example of pages written in PHP, we can give the example of Facebook. When you come to the home page of the Facebook page, you will see that the extension ends with .php. In this way, the source codes of the page can be stored in a much safer place.
Great Choice for WordPress Sites!

PHP programming language is not the only server-side programming language used. There are many of these. However, if you have a WordPress site, you will be a few steps ahead of your competitors thanks to the PHP programming language. WordPress is written using PHP. This offers the best customization your site can have. PHP can be easily used to edit plugins and themes.
Let’s say again that PHP is not the only server-side programming language available. Apart from this, there are many different programming languages. In addition, if you have a WordPress site, choosing the PHP language will allow you to be one step ahead of your competitors. You will see this advantage best on WordPress sites. Thanks to the PHP language, you can create plug-ins and themes and customize them as you wish.
PHP programming language has a much less complex structure than other languages. Its many guides and many libraries will provide you with convenience. Apart from this, it is frequently used on platforms such as e-Commerce sites, blogs and social media. Since PHP is open source, it can be used free of charge. Thanks to its community, you can easily find a solution to a problem. It can integrate with databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2.
JavaScript and PHP Are Not Rivals, They Are Friends!

Nowadays, PHP and JavaScript are often compared to each other. The biggest reason for this is, as we said, PHP programming language is a sub-branch of JavaScript. How both programming languages compare to each other

It has its advantages. JavaScript can be used to make a static page more dynamic and interactive. For this reason, the two programming languages are similar to each other.
If you want to make a dynamic website, you can do it entirely using JavaScript. However, functionality may vary at this point. So much so that with JavaScript, you can make a website that allows simple but commonly used interactions such as mouse rollover effect, automatic validation, and photo galleries. However, websites that change according to user behavior, such as social networks and e-commerce, cannot create user-contributed content when written in JavaScript. To do this, you need the PHP programming language.
If we want to clarify, we can give an example as follows. To display your profile, PHP retrieves data from your database and sends results to your browser. Every change you make to your profile results in changes for future data retrievals. So PHP starts storing the new information. In this way, the whole process allows a social network to display different content to different users. Because of these differences we mentioned, JavaScript and PHP have different features and are not competitors in any way. Used together they can be used to make a beautiful dynamic website.
PHP programming language is designed to serve many purposes. However, it is often used to produce dynamic content on a site. It is widely used due to its open source nature and versatile functionality. It serves both simple use and wide use thanks to its versatility. Due to its advanced features, it also serves advanced software developers. One of the best software languages you can choose to build and develop the type of website you want is definitely the PHP programming language.