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In the internet age, especially since the emergence of the concept of the web, people have internalized the idea of the website very well, and despite what is generally known to be true about websites, the number of misconceptions has increased.
There is a perception that setting up and managing websites is a piece of cake and that anyone can do web design, even if they have no knowledge of the subject. Those who really want to learn web design should start the first stage by asking why they want to learn web design. They need to ask themselves whether they want to learn visual or technical web design. The so-called visual part is creating visual website designs using certain programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) without using code.

If you have strong visual skills, it is best to learn web design from this field. If you want to learn web design to prepare a technical infrastructure and design the front and back sides of websites, you can turn to the technical side. Technical web designers are people who integrate and edit visually prepared web designs into the site as code. More dynamic web designs can be created using programming languages such as PHP.
Job Opportunities in Web Design
There are many job opportunities in terms of web design. The reason for this is that the need for web design has become greater than ever due to the increasing increase in digitalization and the provision of services online in our country.
Generally, people who do web design have many job opportunities on large websites or e-commerce sites operating in the IT sector. Companies doing business over the internet need expert staff who know web design for any changes to be made in the designs of their web pages. Generally, the number of people who are experts in web design, both visually and technically, is limited in our country, and since the number of people who can do front-end design is quite low, the demand for recruitment is quite high.

Employment of people who complete web design courses and start their careers as web designers generally does not last long. There are also many web designers who turn to their own business, become entrepreneurs and expand their website. Such people are especially characterized within the concept of freelance, which means freelancing. Especially freelance web designers can be very valuable for companies and consultancy companies that want to get external support.
Job opportunities are very high for web designers who follow the technical aspects and dynamics of a website well, do not miss trends and do not stay away from the agenda.
Programs Used in Web Design
People who do visual web design generally do web design through programs. These programs are generally the most well-known in the industry and help designers visually.
Programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch are very suitable and easy to work with for people who do visual web design. Knowing the language is also important for web designers who do technical coding. Especially HTML5 and CSS3 are the most suitable languages for designing web interfaces. While HTML5 is the skeleton of a website, CSS3 forms the meat of the website and thus the shape of the website falls into place. It is also possible to make a static site dynamic with PHP language.
Programs Used in Web Design
There are many institutions that are important in terms of web design and provide training for many years. There are many options for web design courses, as well as many quality software courses and web design courses offered by expert training staff.