Reasons Why Companies Use Agencies to Outsource Marketing

Reasons Why Companies Use Agencies to Outsource Marketing

Marketing agencies provide comprehensive and professional support for companies of all sizes. However, one of the biggest challenges facing agencies is attracting and retaining customers.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, there are thousands of digital marketing agencies, all providing similar services. Secondly, agencies often don’t understand the top reasons for businesses requiring outsourced marketing solutions.

Why is this important?

Well, if you understand why customers need your services, you’re able to tailor your marketing efforts directly to their specific needs.

Remember, you’re not in the marketing game—you’re in the solutions game. The more companies see how accurately you can solve their marketing needs, the more business you will attract and retain.

Recent findings in a comprehensive research paper have highlighted some fascinating patterns in how businesses choose and hire digital marketing agencies.

Titled “How Businesses Hire Agencies + What Every Agency Should Know,” this study includes the top 7 reasons why companies use agencies to outsource marketing as one of their insights.

However, understanding the reasons is only the first step—you need to know how to use these reasons to sharpen your marketing tools and attract and retain clients!

The Top 7 Reasons for Outsourcing Marketing and How Agencies Can Benefit from Them

While the entire study is exceptionally insightful and provides agencies with marketing gold, this specific segment is of particular interest.

The result came from a simple multiple-choice question asked to a sample study of business owners and staff members responsible for outsourcing talent.

Of course, all these businesses already outsource their marketing needs through an agency. The purpose of this study is to help agencies like you get to know what motivates their potential customers better.

“Why do you outsource your marketing activities?”

The responses were interesting, and we’ll be discussing the top seven reasons here. Although we’ll start from the lowest response to the highest, remember that these are the top seven responses, and, as such, they should all be carefully considered by agencies.


That being said, the most popular responses should be strongly considered when it comes to marketing strategies to attract and retain clients.

Let’s begin!

Reason #7—Project-specific

Whether it’s a single campaign or initiative, some businesses outsource primarily on a case-by-case basis.

The 7th most popular reason businesses outsource marketing is for one-off campaigns and initiatives. In other words, they outsource when necessary and do not permanently or regularly employ the services of an agency.

Even though this is 7th on our list, it is an extremely popular outlook amongst businesses. They may or may not have a dedicated marketing team, some smaller companies employ multi-taskers, and some business owners do their own marketing. Occasionally, they’ll outsource an agency when they have a big project or something outside their capacity.

Leverage for Agencies

  • Launch project-specific marketing campaigns so that businesses understand your availability for once-off campaign assistance.
  • Publish blog posts and social media stories on successful one-off campaigns you’ve assisted businesses with.
  • Dazzle businesses with your epic one-off campaigns to turn that one-off into a permanent contract!

Reason #6—It’s Hard to Find Good In-House Marketers

Good talent can be difficult to find.

I can already hear thousands of marketing agencies saying, “Amen to that!” and “That’s why we do what we do!” But, unfortunately, good talent is indeed hard to find. Since many great marketing minds prefer variety, they’re often employed by agencies or are agency owners, leaving businesses with a shortage of solid talent.

Leverage for Agencies

  • Launch campaigns that reiterate the marketing talent shortage. Publish social media and blog posts that highlight the shortage of in-house talent including links to landing pages that offer your solutions.
  • Personalize your campaigns to appeal to frustrated businesses who can’t find good talent and offer them your agency solutions.
  • Showcase the skills and talents of your agency marketing team—focus on highlighting the individuals.

Reason #5—Agencies Are More Cost-Effective Than Hiring Talent

Imagine hiring five marketing professionals and paying them $100K each per year. Now imagine hiring an entire agency for $5K per month—which would you choose?

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest appeals of an agency or freelancer is cost saving. There are no perks to pay, no paid leave, no sick days, and it’s just cheaper all round.

Leverage for Agencies

  • Include a cost-for-cost analysis in your marketing campaigns to convince businesses of what they probably already know—your services will save them money.
  • Launch campaigns on employment and freelance platforms like LinkedIn and include blog posts about the massive cost savings for companies.
  • Restructure your prices to make you even more attractive to businesses trying to save money.

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Reason #4—We Need an Outside Perspective

Marketing agencies can offer a fresh outlook and an infusion of creativity to a brand.

Outside perspectives are essential, and creativity is often stifled when you’re dealing with the same products and services day in and day out. Many businesses consider this to be a primary reason for employing the assistance of an agency.

Leverage for Agencies

  • Give them an outside perspective. Many agencies market their skills by literally messaging businesses and brands about their campaigns and marketing efforts and how they would do it differently. Inbox or DM a business and show them that your outside perspective is what they need!
  • Create campaigns that focus on the importance of outside opinions and how important they are for creativity and successful campaigns.
  • Include blog articles that stress the importance of outside opinions, including stats that back up your claims.

Reason #3—We Need to Upscale Our Marketing Activities

Businesses need to publish more organic content and articles, update their websites, and be active on social media, and they need outside help to execute.

The honest responders have arrived! Sometimes businesses just have to admit that their team has taken them as far as possible and to grow, they need outside assistance.

Leverage for Agencies

  • Showcase, showcase, showcase! Agencies that need to step things up want to see what you’re capable of—so show them! Advertise your abilities in your campaigns, email pitches, and on any other platform possible.
  • Publish blogs and posts on the importance of leveraging current business success by reinvesting into marketing for real growth.

Reason #2—We Don’t Have Enough In-House Resources

Companies have difficulty allocating time and other resources to marketing activities.

When business picks up, or even when business is bad, it’s all hands on deck for staff, and often there isn’t enough time or other resources to focus only on marketing. It is the second most popular reason, which provides excellent insight for agencies.

Leverage for Agencies

  • Create campaigns that target stressed and overextended businesses; include messaging sympathizing with their situation and offer solutions.
  • Ask target businesses questions in your campaigns and communications: “Do you have the time to market your services properly?” “Do you know how much time and money it takes to create, promote and run a sponsored event?”

Reason #1—We Don’t Have Enough In-House Expertise

Companies are unhappy with certain aspects of their on-site marketing efforts.

The number one reason for companies using agencies’ services is that they need more expertise and better results.

The key phrase here is they need better results!

Online marketing is trackable and quantifiable, and sometimes campaign effectiveness in terms of reach, response, and client conversion need improvement.

Leverage for Agencies

  • Show them your results—again, showcasing is necessary here. Use your most successful campaign metrics and show them off in targeted campaigns that will dazzle companies and convince them that they need your help immediately!
  • Create blog posts and stories that discuss the expertise needed to run successful online marketing campaigns that yield results—emphasize the results!

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