Top YouTube Searches

Top YouTube Searches

This article includes several lists with YouTube search data, including:

  • Top YouTube searches in 2022
  • Top YouTube searches of all time
  • Most subscribed YouTube channels in 2022

Plus, information about how to get more insights into your YouTube SEO.

Let’s dive in.

Top YouTube Searches in 2022

The most searched thing on YouTube in 2022 was “ukraine,” followed by “pink venom” and “duy beni.” In the United States, the top YouTube searches were “tiktok mashup 2022,” “glorilla,” and “msa.”

youtube searches in 2022

In the US, music takes the win—40% of the top 20 YouTube trending searches are related to music.

American rapper GloRilla makes the top of the list, followed by Yeat and PGF Nuk.

And interestingly, children’s TV comes in at a close second, taking 20% of what is most searched on YouTube in the US.

MSA (previously My Story Animated) takes first place. Closely followed by Ms. Rachel and Disney’s Encanto.

Youtube video thumbnail

It’s an entirely different story for the worldwide stats.

TV is the obvious leader, with 35% of the top global YouTube searches.

As a country, Turkey wins with TV show Duy Beni.

Closely followed by India with four TV shows in the top YouTube searches worldwide —Naagin 6PushpaBhagya Lakshmi, and Madam Sir.

Youtube video thumbnail

Top YouTube Searches of All Time

What is the most searched thing on YouTube?

These are the top 20 searches of all time on YouTube in the United States and worldwide.

top youtube searches of all time

Games and entertainment take center stage with all-time top searches on YouTube.

Fortnite and Minecraft make it to the top of the list, both in the US and worldwide.

TikTok comes in at a close second. And that’s no surprise. The platform has grown steadily to over 90 million users and shows no signs of slowing down.

As for the rest of the list, music still takes center stage. Both in the US and worldwide.

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2022

These are the top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels:

most subscribed youtube channels in 2022

Out of the top 10 most subscribed channels, the dominant categories are:

  • Music
  • Children’s
  • Sports
  • Entertainment

Makes sense based on the top searches. It’s clear users head to YouTube for mostly one thing: entertainment.

Get More Insights Into YouTube SEO

Now that you know what the top YouTube searches are, you can take things a step further.

If you have a YouTube channel, use the Rank Tracker for YouTube app to see how your videos rank for your target keywords.

Pro tip: Try the free, seven-day trial to follow along.

Enter your channel name into the tool.

Rank Tracker for YouTube app

Then, add your target keywords or YouTube search terms that you hope to rank for.

add your target keywords in Rank Tracker for YouTube app

Rank Tracker for YouTube shows you how your videos rank for each keyword. And your average rank, rank distribution, and changes in rank over time.

results in Rank Tracker for YouTube

Select the “Keywords” tab to see more detail, up to 200 keywords (it’s possible to purchase more).

“Keywords” tab in Rank Tracker for YouTube app

But if you want to find the most searched things on YouTube, you can use Google Trends.

First, enter your keyword or search term. Then, set the filter to “YouTube Search.”

“YouTube Search” filter in Google Trends

And then you can filter by country, time frame, and category.

filtering by country, time frame, and category in Google Trends

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