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    Search Engine Optimization

    We approach SEO services with the strategic, business-level understanding required to drive long-term gains in a manner that builds your brand equity.

    Technical SEO
    We perform detailed technical audits to find “behind the scenes” site improvements that bolster your SEO.

    Content Creation
    We write highly shareable SEO-optimized content for your site to increase qualified traffic and revenue.

    Link Outreach
    We reach out to relevant sites and influencers, establishing relationships for quality links.

    Social Media Management

    We plan out the content a month in advance, through a variety of content pillars, all working towards fulfilling our business’ goals and objectives. Monitoring the performance constantly and providing real-time insights ensure that your social media activity is continuosly optimised to provide the best results.

    Content Marketing

    We specialize in creating written content across multiple publishing styles in order to match your marketing objectives.

    Content marketing is all about creating useful, compelling and valuable content that targets specific keywords so that other people will gladly promote it on social media platforms.

    Paid Advertising

    Paid advertising (PPC) success is all about investing in the strategy that is tailored to your business objectives. At ALIEN ROAD CO. we work with you as business consultants to understand your business objectives.

    We have found the optimal selection of channels and budget requirements with the highest ROI we scale advertising efforts accordingly to drive volume.

    Digital Marketing

    Developing a sector-specific SEM strategy in the field of e-commerce and optimizing google ads

    Web Development

    Creation and development of turnkey website projects by Alper Koçer and team.

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