Meet our services that cover all your PR needs with original strategies; all stages of planning, implementation and follow-up. Our multinational team is at your service.

You can meet all your PR needs in one agency, with an experienced team and an integrated strategy: AlienRoad Co.

PR Book

Our PR-Book service provides a strategic guide on issues such as communication, brand positioning and public relations management so that your brand can maintain a stable image.

PR Campaigns

As Marketing House, we develop PR strategies specific to your brand that match your corporate goals and ensure that your message reaches the right audience through the most effective channels.

Media Tracking

Our Media Tracking service closely monitors your brand's reflections in the media and provides you with regular reports and analyses.

Media Relations

With its media relations service, Marketing House establishes and maintains strong relationships with leading media organizations in the industry to explain your brand's communication strategy in the most effective way.

Event Management

As Marketing House, we offer event management services that provide creative experiences that will enable you to establish a strong bond with your target audience and increase your brand reputation.

Crisis management

Marketing House offers crisis management services that develop proactive and rapid response strategies to secure your brand against possible crises.


Alien Road Co. When you choose PR services, you can work with an agency that combines a globally widespread agency, a multinational team and experience in various sectors. With our 360 degree agency feature, we offer a full service in every aspect. In this way, your brand can grow in the shortest possible way and be positioned effectively in the market. With us, aim to increase your brand’s reputation and awareness not only locally but globally.

360 Degree Solutions

Beyond PR, our services include design, advertising, social media, web development, SEO and more.

Our Affordable Price Policy

Marketing House offers its customers a high level of service at competitive prices.

Customer Focused Approach

With a customer-focused approach, your success is our top priority and we are determined to achieve your set goals.

Proven Expertise

Our PR experts manage industry details perfectly, so your brand's communication is in reliable hands.

Customized Strategies

We tailor PR strategies to your unique brand goals and the nature of your industry.

Global Reach, Local Insight

We understand cultural nuances and market differences to communicate effectively with your target audience.

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